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T.A. Narrative

Pop // Limerick, Limerick // she/her/they/them

T.A Narrative are a duo from Limerick, Ireland composed of Tara Nix and Anna Murphy. The pair who are childhood best friends, have worked together under various guises, sharing the stage in Irish punk scene bands as well as touring and recording in the U.S.

Starting a collaboration as T.A. Narrative during lockdown, their unique and exciting visual live show as well as the release of their debut EP ‘Retro Futurism’ in 2023, have firmly placed them as a must see act. Drawing influences from post-punk, electronic, and sparkly pop music (from Fugazi to Carly Rae Jepsen), they have been described as having a charming abandon and a palpable sense of freedom and joy in the music that they create. (

Fresh off the back of a tour with Irish electronic giants, King Kong Company, a much talked about performance at last year's Electric Picnic Festival, and having opened for the likes of O., Le Boom, Bush Tetras & KYNSY, T.A. Narrative will be releasing their 2nd EP, and touring in 2024.

Contact: [email protected]


"Set to a sprawling synth soundscape, the pops and clicks and electronic hooks that fill the spectrum of T.A. Narrative meld with the intricate vocal interplay resulting in a lush listen from start to finish" - The Last Mixed Tape

"Tara and Anna further develop their sharp punk-dance attack on the self produced Loves Hold, Signs Out and The Freeze expressing 2020’s soul-searching to a floor-filling retro synth/guitar soundtrack." - Limerick Post

"It’s hard to believe there’s just two names behind the intricate, bursting sound of Limerick city duo T.A. Narrative, and yet it’s true." -

"T.A. Narrative expands upon their synth wave foundations and hypnotic indie sound with the Retro Futurism E.P. From the darkly lit ‘Loves Hold’ all the way through to the buzzing backdrop of ‘The Freeze’, the record highlights the duo defined sense of self" - The Last Mixed Tape

"...gritty electric guitar riffs that add a raw edge and mingle it with OMD-levels of synths and sparkling electronics....their authenticity and free expression of creativity is hugely exciting" -