Nathan Mac

Dublin, County Dublin

Nathan Mac is a songwriter of consolation, content to be slightly forlorn. He sings with a playful wisdom and writes to offer the world some kind of emotional comfort. With a passion for poetry, philosophy and storytelling.

His history in circus performance, and working as a professional storyteller lets him draw inspiration for style and content from many different places. Nathan has a curiosity to explore and understand the difficulties that we all might face one day. Through this he writes of love, loneliness, family, and his own womb envy.

Growing up in the town of Swords, Nathan started his journey performing at the local open mic alongside some outstanding local talents. Over the years he has played in many guises, but as a solo artist, Nathan Mac looks to make his biggest impact.

Now living and playing in Dublin city he is building a family of fans and is looking to play in bigger venues, to bigger crowds. Since the release of his EP 'A long way from Pennywish' Nathan has been building momentum to sell out the Smock Alley theatre in September '19 with his concert titled: 'The boy who learned to fly' featuring live circus and new visuals.

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Upcoming Gigs

  28 Sep 2019 19:00 Smock Alley Theatre, Exchange St Lower, Dublin   'The boy who learned to fly' Concert featuring live circus