Nathan Mac

Dublin, County Dublin

“Nathan Mac is becoming the latest authority in the Indie-Pop music scene with his new smash single”
Buzz Music LA

From the circus, to a string of singles, Nathan Mac is embarking on another beautiful path.
This 27 year old Dubliner has done everything to develop his craft in songwriting and performance, taking all of his performance experience and energy into the world of music.

2020 has seen the launch of his ‘Start of Something Blue’ project from his collaboration with local illustrator Bhitra on a series of lyrical greeting cards, to his first major single “Better Off Without You”. Inspired by Angele, Jon Bellion, and a variety of art styles, Nathan is building a visual world for his music to inhabit.

Nathan’s flair for the spectacular is now using the appeal of pop music to package careful messages and philosophies to a wider and wider audience. Songs about ‘Womb envy’ and ‘Skin hunger’ are just the tip of his lyrical iceberg.

“Everyone talks about love and loss, but there is so much reality in between these two things. I want to give a voice to people with complicated lives.”

‘Start of Something Blue’ is a step into a bigger sphere of performance with an elegantly complex arrangement from producer Brian Dwyer. This new musical force is coming to the stage with a variety of international Circus acts and Dancers.

Releasing through his own music label: ‘Pennywish Recordings’, Nathan’s latest single ‘Carolina’ will be available on all major platforms on the 4th of September.

To find out more follow him on Instagram (@nathanmacmusic) or check out


Label: Pennywish Recordings
Contact: Joni Copeland (

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