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Nathan Mac

Pop // Dublin, Dublin

Nathan’s been building an artistic career for almost 15 years now. From his early days as a Circus performer to today as a Musician, Nathan has a spectrum of performance at his command. His debut album project: Start of Something Blue was released in 2022 after two years of writing, producing, & releasing. It included Ireland’s first ever Circus-Musical film: Learning Curve.

Throughout this project, Nathan has sold out several venues in Dublin, including the Smock Alley Theatre, & both Workman’s Cellar & Main room. He was also selected as one of Hotpress’ ‘rising stars’, & was chosen to perform at the Bord Gais theatre in collaboration with Thornton Piano’s for the filmed concert series: the Superior Sessions.

Currently in development of his second series ‘P*nk Skies @ Night’, Nathan’s sound is becoming more intense & focused. The intimate & sweet elements of his music are now blending with stories of death & sexuality for darker & developed lyrics & narratives.

Throughout his career as an artist, Nathan truly shines through his lyric writing & the depth he works into each & every line, challenging our ideas of romance & celebrating the bittersweet.

With the direct support of his Patrons, Nathan is creating with a freedom that most only dream of. No stranger to uncertainty and fear, he’s dedicated full-time to his career & part-time to his Music Business degree at BIMM Dublin.

"As a singer, Nathan possesses the enviable attribute of a voice that is both commercially attractive and undeniably genuine."
(deMars magazine)

Email: [email protected]
Label: Pennywish Recordings
Contact: Joni Copeland ([email protected])

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