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Nathan Mac

Pop // Dublin, Dublin

Nathan Mac ran away from the Circus to pursue a life of music. Now he’s back with both!

Over the years, he’s sold out theatre’s, released a string of successful singles, founded his own record label, & written his own Circus musical! At the genesis of his career, there’s no better name for his debut album. This really is the ‘Start of Something Blue’.
Nathan's debut album is all about second chances, romances, & a deep appreciation for the broken & beautiful… Every song is accompanied by its own fantastic artwork, blending reality and digital fantasy. Inspired by his love for Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Studio Ghibli, the magical realism of the images lend themselves perfectly to his cinematic-pop writing style. Intimate songwriting & delivery reaches right into your heart and pulls out feelings you never thought you had. With the phenomenon that is Brian Dwyer, their production stands alongside the likes of Jon Bellion, Imogen Heap, & Owl City.
Nathan’s history of circus performance runs through his veins. This has inspired the writing of his very own circus-musical film: ‘Learning Curve’, featuring songs from the album. This unique love story is all about the ‘beauty in our breaks’ & how we choose to heal... all wrapped up with a soppy, happy ending. Inspired by his own experience with injury, Nathan takes a leading role, enjoying the challenge of aerial trapeze & acting on film.
At the helm of his own label & career, Nathan has learned to take care of himself. No stranger to uncertainty and fear, he’s left his day job to fully dedicate time to his Music Business degree at BIMM Dublin, his album, his film, & his Patreon supporters. With the active support from his Patreon, he’s building a community that cares. With the patrons at his back, & the world in front, Nathan is set to rise above the noise!

"As a singer, Nathan possesses the enviable attribute of a voice that is both commercially attractive and undeniably genuine."
(deMars magazine)

Label: Pennywish Recordings
Contact: Joni Copeland (