Nathan Mac

Dublin, County Dublin

I ran away from the circus to play music.

Now I'm a self-diagnosed songwriter of consolation, content to be slightly forlorn.

From skin hunger to womb envy I use my songwriting and lyrics to learn, understand, and help anyone who listens. Sit me at the piano, or hand me a guitar and I'll sing a song of melancholy. Back me up with a nice string section and a tight drummer and we will be bouncing around the room. Indie pop is where my heart lies... but I let my lyrics lead the way.

My history of performance started with a solid five years of solid circus work, followed by a several year transition through acting, writing and music. In these past two years I have focused completely on my music. It connects me to people, and demands all of my time and love.

Since my two sold out September concerts in the Smock Alley theatre in Dublin I have been working on a string of releases for 2020. The project, 'Start of Something Blue' will start with a single release of the song 'Better Off Without You' and a European tour in late April.

I look forward to meeting you along the way.





Thank you for your time!

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