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Alternative // Dublin, Dublin

Elaphi is a Dublin based four-piece band founded in 2021 by songwriter and guitarist Sara Barberio, along with Jacopo Stofler (guitar), Federico Camici (bass), and Grim Nordahl (drums). Elaphi music incorporates moody folk with the subtle enchantment of hushed electronics. Inspired by artists such as Warpaint, Daughter, and Radiohead, Elaphi's music blends ethereal yet punchy compositions, evoking a sense of introspection and intimacy. The band's name, inspired by the Greek word "Elaphos," meaning deer, symbolises both vulnerability and strength, qualities intrinsic to the majestic creature and seamlessly intertwined within the band's artistic expression. Each member of Elaphi contributes with their unique vision and musical skills, which leads to the creation of their impactful compositions. The sonic elements crafted by Elaphi capture the imperfections and vulnerability that intricately shape the human journey.