Rachel Grace

wexford town, County Wexford

Hi everyone, my name is Rachel Grace and I'm 15 years old and from Wexford.
I take my musical influences from Brittany Spears all the way to AC/DC and everything in between.
I penned and scored my first song at 10 years of age in primary school. I named it "the only way" and is featured my self funded debut album " a song for you" which I released in 2015


I spend most of my weekends busking on the streets of Wexford town which I always love to.
Recently I had the privilege to be the support for Wallis Bird in Enniscorthy, and in May I supported Keith Plunkett.
February 2017 I filmed for the amazing Declan Sessions


April 2017 I partook in a buskers battle for charity in the National Opera House and received a full standing ovation for my rendition of "i dreamed a dream" from Les Miserable.
I was featured for Friday Arts at no5 Gardnier st in Dublin
May 2017 I won a local battle of the buskers competition in Wexford competing against anther 9 fine young artists.

I also do a lot of charity gigs which I love to do also especially for mental health charities, its always great to give back!

I hope you enjoy listening to my music as much as I love playing it and of course I would love any feedback.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuLZlFmJjrc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yphnPiKlEPU