D. McCabe

Dublin, County Dublin

An eclectic singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, D. McCabe balances classic melodies, poetic lyrics and a punkish disregard for the constraints of genre. His work touches on vintage pop and indie, psychedelia, electronica, and any other style you can think of; the only inevitability is a commitment to timeless songcraft.

D. McCabe began writing songs in his early teens, anonymously posting songs online. He joined local bands as a drummer, all the while listening obsessively to Western pop's greatest iconoclasts: The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, The Beach Boys, Nina Simone, David Bowie, Scott Walker, Kate Bush. Soon he began writing and releasing music as Jon Dots, gaining notoriety for his adventurous live shows and opening for acts like Villagers and Pillow Queens. In 2013 he became the drummer for experimental punk band Alien She, playing with Priests, Pussy Riot and others, before eventually producing their 2017 debut album Feeler (named an album of the year by Drowned in Sound, The Thin Air, The Last Mixed Tape and others).

'The Final Curtain' is the first release from a new suite of songs created on a long seaside retreat from the music scene and life in general, all composed, performed and produced by McCabe. A trippy art-rock exploration of a crumbling psyche amid planetary catastrophe, it's a provocative sign of things to come.

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