Niamh Regan

County Galway

Niamh Regan is a singer, guitarist and songwriter originally from Galway. Niamh (me, I'm writing this in third person) has a few nice words and reviews below listed to give you an idea of what her music is about:

'Her principal influences include both traditional Irish music giants and American ones: Paul Brady, Tom Waits, and most fittingly, Sarah Jarosz, who might wind up being more of a contemporary for Regan than a looming figure. Since the release of her single, “She,” in 2016, Regan has received positive reviews in the UK and Ireland. She was named as an artist not to be missed in 2017, by the Irish Times.' -The Irish Echo, USA

Galway's answer to Laura Marling' Late Date on RTE 1 Radio

'Regan’s voice has the inflections of UK folk music singers like This Is The Kit, to a lesser extent, Laura Marling combined with the gasping rasps of Karen Dalton. It’s a timbre that is commanding and wise, that pushes vowels around in interesting ways. You can detect a Nick Drake influence on the music too.' Nialler9

'Galway's own Niamh Regan's lilting folk melodies are a must-hear for fans of Laura Marling and Lisa Hannigan' - Hot Press Magazine

'Niamh Regan catches our ear with a sweet, pure folk voice bursting with potential' - The Irish Times

'For Irish folk singer Niamh Regan, the future has never looked better.' - Pure M magazine

'One thing is for sure, we’d love to hear more.' - Folk Radio UK

'Crowds gathered for the Sing Along Social, Niamh Regan, and later Elm – all of whom seem to have plenty of eyes locked and ears perked for their offerings.' - State Magazine Review of Electric Picnic

'Musically I'm hearing Nick Drake and Bert Jansch in her guitar playing whilst her voice is unique enough not to be obviously attached to any predecessor amongst female folk artists of the same generation as those two' - Remys Music and Film

'singer songwriter who plays captivating reflective pieces with some very interesting guitar work'. - The Minor Fall, The Major Lift

'Both her lyrics and her approach to composing vocal melodies remind me very much of folk giant Richard Thompson; poetic, beautiful and understated but the nonetheless incredibly powerful.' - Pure M magazine

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