DUBLIN, County Dublin

The Stoles are a Dublin based alternative rock band consisting of three members:

Antonio: Vocals/Bass
Andrea: Guitar/Vocals
Ciaran: Drums/Vocals

Since forming in 2015, the preceding years have proven very eventful for the band. 2016 started with the band writing and recording their debut album and ended with them signing a record deal with the largest independent record label in North America – Spectra Music Group. Following on from signing with Spectra The Stoles released their first single from their forthcoming debut album ‘Age of Deception’ in February 2017. The single (titled ‘Getaway’) was released throughout Europe and America and received great reviews and mainstream radio play.

In support of ‘Getaway’ The Stoles launched an Irish tour which seen them play in some of Ireland’s most renowned venues for upcoming bands. Following on from that successful tour, and to coincide with the July 2017 release of their second single ‘Evelyn’, the band announced a further series of summer gigs in a select few venues throughout Ireland. This run of gigs also seen the band play at the Galway Fringe Festival.

In December 2017 The Stoles followed up the release of ‘Evelyn’ with the release of ‘Age of Deception’ – their third single and the title track from their forthcoming debut album ‘Age of Deception’.

The Stoles debut album 'Age of Deception’ was released on February 9th, 2018. Since its release, the album has gone on to receive much praise from reviewers and the general public.

Stay Tuned!

'From signing with Spectra Records to playing Whelan’s and the Galway Fringe Festival, Dublin rockers The Stoles are beginning to make waves…'
– Conor Boyle, Hot Press

‘They make an impressively complex noise for a three piece, funnelling a broad range of influences into an alternative rock template…’
– Marky Edison, Muso’s Guide

‘I can’t compare The Stoles to anyone else out there right now which is a good thing, they’re unique in what they’re offering. I’ve a good feeling about them and I think they’re going to be an impressionable force in the industry this year and beyond…’
– Zoë Farrell, Musicwand Ireland

‘Dublin band The Stoles have a Black Keys vibe going on, but with maybe more of an emphasis on heavy rock than blues…’
– Joe Donnelly, TXFM

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