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Taylor Byrne

Alternative // Finglas, Dublin // He/Him

Taylor Byrne is a multi-instrumental singer/songwriter, and frontman of the Franco-Irish ensemble, The Celtic Social Club. Having toured extensively across Europe with the aforementioned group (performing at notable festivals such as Beautiful Days, Ecaussystème, and Les Vieilles Charrues), the 22-year-old artist has begun to curate a fruitful solo career in his native Dublin.

Following a string of well-received singles and sold-out headliners, Byrne’s debut EP, Someone Had to Stay, will be released in May 2024. Produced by Matt Winston, the five-track EP explores the theme of emigration from the perspective of those who remain. From the sombre ‘Someone Had to Stay’, the jaunty ‘22 & Feelin’ Sorta Aimless’, and the cathartic ‘London’, the EP showcases Byrne’s diverse musical capabilities and ability to weave cohesion through chaos.

Beyond the studio, Byrne is a seasoned performer with an infectious, idiosyncratic, and iridescent stage presence. Accompanied by his four-piece band, Byrne takes the title of ‘showman’ rather seriously and is pleased to make a spectacle of himself at every possible (in)convenience.

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