Tolü Makay

County Dublin

Tolu Makay aka Tolulope Makanjuola is a singer-songwriter based in Dublin, Ireland expressing and making sense of life around her as well as herself through music.

She was introduced to singing at the age of 8 when asked to join the local choir. With time by gaining experience, began writing poetry which transitioned to songwriting.

Inspired by Jessie J, Daniel Caesar, Nao, Sabrina Claudio, Erykah Badu, Nina Simone, Adele, Beyonce, this Soul alt-Rnb singer hopes to be a household name one day who created songs that will forever inspire generations to come.

Her first release Reflection is a song of empowerment and self-love and retrospection. While staying true to the theme of experience, empowerment and self love her next single Goodbye is a song of resilience.

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