Pity of the Sea

Limerick, County Limerick

Pity of the Sea is Limerick duo, Ger Cremins and Tony Monahan.

Having recorded an EP 'Abandoned' (their first foray into writing together) Ger and Tony spent month's writing and jamming until they found what truly excited them musically.
New single 'Headscarf' is the first track from these sessions.

Released on July 7th 2019 'Headscarf' is a 6 minute plus track born from a simple synth loop.
The track was inspired by EVA 2018 International Artist, Mina Talaee. Based in Tehran, Mina explores the role of culture, its effect on humans as well as social and cultural issues concerning power and control. Mina’s sculpture Rapunzel & Roudabeh is featured on the cover to 'Headscarf'.
Mastered by Richard Dowling @Wav Mastering, Limerick.

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