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Grunge // Rush, Dublin // Madretsma

Madretsma are a shovel Rock Band from Rush in north Dublin.

I could harp on here with some nonsense about how we're a 'big spaceship' where our drummer steers the ship while our bassist navigates but honestly we're sick of that shit as its clichéd, goofy and boring.
Ultimately what matters are the tunes and the "pineapple-in-the-ass-flavoured-madness" that we bring to the stage.

We're mixing heavy melodies with distortion to create a sound you don't hear too often anymore.
"Are You Proud of Yourself Doris" is the first release from our upcoming EP;
"No Country for Young Men" it's filled with the beautiful bitterness of relentless excess.

We have played to packed audiences in rock bars and particularly in Fibbers we get an awesome response due to the nature of our songs and show. People have consistently told us that they love the tunes and it is this, as well as our own belief within them, that is driving us forward to bring our noise to greater heights.

Note: In spite of my best efforts to get the Bandcamp link work, it will not so should you need to visit it please copy -