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Left on Read

Rock // Limerick, Limerick

Consisting of brothers Adam Reeves (Drums) and Jack Reeves (Lead Guitar) and close friend Steven Tynan (Lead Vocals, Keys, Guitar), Left on Read began as a series of rehearsals, unaware of what they were creating, before thoughts turned to developing a more formal project. “It was a no brainer to start a more formal group with our best mates” the band recalls, “we were just having so much fun”.

After making the decision to form a band in early 2020, thoughts quickly turned to songwriting. Tynan had a few songs ready to go and before they knew it they had started demoing, with a very Muse and Queen-inspired sonic palette.

As the months and years have come and gone, their sound has developed far beyond those humble beginning. The bands love for experimentation has allowed them the opportunity to play with a host of different styles and they already have a catalogue of indie rock, funk rock, synth rock, grunge, jazz and even Latin-inspired tracks in their locker ready to call on. Over lockdown, the band used their extra spare time to learn and develop synth textures, which has blended seamlessly into their aesthetic.

Between July and October 2022, Left on Read released their first 3 singles, Never Enough, Pick Yourself Up and Duet, with each displaying a different side of the bands sound. Their 4th single, Most of All, is due for release on the 28th of April 2023.

With three singles to their name, thoughts have turned to their debut album. The band were the 2022 recipients of the Dolores O’Riordan Music Bursary, which will go towards recording the final tracks for the album. “We want them to connect with it” the band says of the listeners' reaction to their work, “Not necessarily take our message from our music at face value but rather to be able to apply it to their own experiences. Most of all we want them to enjoy the tunes and dance, cry or sing along - that’s what they’re there for”.