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History of Harry

Rock // Dublin, Dublin

History Of Harry are a Dublin based four piece band. Having been around in one form or another for the last 3 years, the band's lineup is now settled and they are concentrating on moving forward to bigger and better things. Influenced by a large number of artists who have thrilled listeners for years, it's no surprise that the live show is central to History of Harry's philosophy: the connection with the audience and the creation of energy between band and listener. Having gigged extensively around Dublin for some time now, the band's live show is tight, perfectly paced and full of primally danceable grooves, to say the least. However, they decided that a cd had to be made in order to spread the word. Thus the band's debut LP, 'Trainman', was released in September of 2008. Recently recorded in Temple Bar and in Wicklow, the LP will show History of Harry at their best: it is a collection of 9 songs encompassing all the influences and styles which the band blends together seamlessly (Rock, Blues, Funk, Soul, D'n'B Jamming). In the meantime, come to a gig and see what all the fuss is about... The Mystery of Harry: Originally a blues guitarist from Louisiana, Harry lived his life in the shadows (as seen in the photo). He played music to live and lived to play music "I've never come out to the front to do my thing. I'm just doing mine now. I don't want to be no rich guy. I just want to live comfortable. That's all. And to love people and to have people to love you." A fond traveller, (especially on trains: he believed the real rhythm of blues comes from the sound of a train) the whereabouts of this great man are still unknown but his music lives on in the form of 'History of Harry'. He was a teacher and a mentor to the members of this special band, so his soul and passion lives on in their hearts and music. The album 'Trainman' is dedicated to memory of the mysterious man.