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Daria is a Dublin-based singer-songwriter, whose music can often be described as “music written to celebrate emotions, passion, and the power of a public voice.” While basing her music on genres of pop and rock, finding elements of jazz, blues, and classical music in her repertoire is not uncommon. She is mostly influenced by Australian singer Ruel, and American band The Backseat Lovers.

Originally from a small town in Croatia, Daria moved to Dublin to study and pursue her biggest dream – music. She first showed her interest in music at only 2 years old, when she joined a children’s choir and has been singing ever since. Along the way, she learned to play 6 different instruments, 3 of which were self-taught. She started writing her songs at the age of 10, when “she felt such burden of feelings in her head, she had to let them out on a piece of paper.”

Daria has a major certificate in music theory, having graduated from secondary music school in Croatia. During her time in secondary school, Daria competed in several local singing festivals, as well as numerous music theory competitions on a national level, where she ended in first place two years in a row. Soon after, she started a 4-year course in Commercial Modern Music – Vocals at BIMM Institute Dublin. She is currently in her third year of college.

Daria is currently working on studio recordings of her first release, which can be expected later this year; followed by an EP coming out in the first months of 2025.