Dublin, County Kildare

ZASKA serves up a feel-good blend of modern funk, neo-soul, and jazz. Max Zaska is the guitar-wielding songwriter at the helm of this supergroup of talent with a rotating roster of session players and rising stars from across genres in the Irish music scene, starting with Hozier, the band’s original vocalist.

Blending his blues-rock roots with a love of a deeply funky groove and jazz improvisation, Zaska’s compositions don’t fit neatly into a single genre. Think: Steely Dan meets Vulfpeck and Snarky Puppy.

ZASKA’s debut album, It Takes A Village, was released to universally stellar reviews in February 2019. It features more than 25 performers including Wyvern Lingo, Loah and BARQ, as well as members of Little Green Cars, Gypsies On The Autobahn,Super Silly, Come On Live Long, and Booka Brass.

Max explains, "It's a concept album about community that parallels the birth of my first child with the birth of this album and the people that I needed to make both happen."

Following the release of It Takes A Village, ZASKA re-affirmed their reputation for incredible live shows with a sold-out performance at the Button Factory in Dublin. The band followed it up with support slots for Vulfpeck’s Cory Wong and Ali Shaheed Muhammad (Tribe Called Quest) & Adrian Younge (Kendrick Lamar), and more headline and festival shows throughout Ireland.

Named one of Ireland's best guitarists in 2018, Max is also a skilled arranger leading a band whose members, size, and instrumentation is ever-changing, putting great songs at the very heart of every performance.

Zaska completed a B.A. in Jazz Performance at the prestigious Newpark Music Centre in Dublin and has studied with jazz legends in Brazil, Italy, and Canada. Born in Germany, Max was raised in Ireland and lives in the countryside near Dublin with his wife and their two young children.

Look for ZASKA at Irish festivals this summer and on tour this autumn.

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