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We March

Other // Cork

New Album our on 20th November 2020

"10 Hottest Irish Music Acts to Listen Out For in 2018",

"Top 10 Bands to Watch in 2018", Irish Daily Star

"Adventurous, interesting, gorgeous. We love them. We March are the most played band on the RTE 2XM Garageland radio show" Dermot Lambert, RTE 2XM

"With violin, operatic vocals, strange percussion instruments and an overall jazz/cabaret influence this shouldn't work but, as with other unconventional artists, it does and is a treat", Derek Foley, Irish Daily Star

We March burst onto the Irish music scene in 2017, immediately garnering national media attention for their impactful stage shows, earning We March a place on two “Top 10 for 2018” lists. Their debut EP “The Dumb Angel” has been called “Adventurous, interesting and gorgeous” by RTE.

Listening to We March is a truly unique musical experience. Adrenaline fuelled battle cries and rabble rousers sit side by side with heart rending ballads of loss and life. A gothic blend of cabaret, jazz, blues, Italian opera, and Arabic folk, We March will leave their mark.