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Three Underneath

Rock // Dublin, Dublin


“A mix of Minus The Bear and Pinback, with some smooth vocal arrangements, strings, and a big anthemic chorus.”
= We All Want Someone To Shout For =

“Ireland always seems to cache great rock bands from the states and Three Underneath is one of those prime examples.”
= Get Some Magazine, Los Angeles =

Rock through and through. Up a level.
= =

"Simplicity at its best, and for this reason they’ve created something gorgeous here."
= =

"Memories -- it’s great! Listen out for the chorus. You couldn’t write it! Well, they did actually!"
= Cormac Battle 2FM =

"We just don’t hear enough music that sounds like that."
= Fergal D'Arcy Today FM =

"A hot ticket."
= Kieran McGuinness NOVA =

"World-beating tunes."
= Dan Hegarty 2FM =

Three Underneath are an Irish rock band formed in Dublin in 2015.

In the years 2015-2018, the band started picking up some real momentum, championed by Dan Hegarty 2FM on radio, spurned on by features in Hot Press and GoldenPlec, proving themselves as a strong live band at venues in Dublin, K-Fest Kerry, Arcadian Fields and Electric Picnic and landing airplay on BBC Radio Ulster.

More recently the band have been lauded by Kieran McGuinness on Radio NOVA as well as being a Fresh Fave on (Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6).

Three Underneath have been frequently compared to Foo Fighters. "We're massive fans," Daragh Murray confirms. The band were also inspired by Weezer, Audioslave, Queens of the Stone Age and early Coldplay.

Right now, Three Underneath are gearing up to launch their Debut Album in October.