Wexford, County Wexford

A busy port town in Ireland's South East is the last place you'd expect such a fearless, dark & raw sound to emerge from. With the respective birthplaces of blues & grunge situated thousands of miles away, location becomes a mere fact of conscious reality once you let yourself in. Creating in a dimly-lit basement during twilight hours under a shroud of solitude, the songs seem to come from somewhere else. This is his world, one of primal reactions, of pure instinct, a world which has been painted using the darkness in which it was created.

Thunderous drums, growling bass, ferocious guitars and howling vocals combine to bring a huge sound to life on stage. Blending the power & fire of traditional blues with trashy garage rock riffs & in-your-face vocals, WOLFF strikes a shadowy figure. Like the lyric says 'You can sleep when you're dead & done' and it looks like this beast is just waking up.

WOLFF has played major festivals such as Other Voices, Electric Picnic, Vantastival, Sea Sessions, Spiegeltent Festival, HWCH BARE In The Woods & Castlepalooza as well as opening for acts like The Strypes, Hozier, Hermitage Green, Otherkin, The Cadillac Three (USA), The Blizzards, The Picturebooks (GER), Augustana (USA), Jamie Lawson, Black Peaks (UK) Raven Eye (UK) & Post Modern Jukebox (USA).

At the same time as building a reputation as a musical behemoth on the Irish live music scene, WOLFF has been slowly gaining a fan base in the USA through music placements in major TV shows. In the past 18 months 'Flesh Blood Skin & Bone', 'Hey Now' & 'Do Your Thing' from the 'Flesh Blood Skin & Bone' EP have featured in programs on MTV, Showtime, Freeform & HBO to hundreds of millions of viewers as well as several TV advertisements. This along with placements in the daily videos of famous entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk combined with an active social media presence & a vigorous touring schedule has seen WOLFF gain a very loyal community of fans both home and abroad, and generate streams on the WOLFF Spotify nearing 500,000.

The next year for WOLFF sees 3 new singles, a new EP, an Irish & UK tour in late 2018, European tour dates in 2019, major festival appearances & more exciting music licensing opportunities in the US.

We've only just begun!!! Watch this space!!!

Contact: wolff@thisiswolff.com

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