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the northern drones

Lo-fi // dublin, Dublin

" They're back with their third album 'High Sky'... Not bad considering that The Northern Drones only released their debut album less than two years ago. Fear not, they haven't lost that scerated guitar sound, they still sound as loose as ever, or as they were once described on this show; "Psychedelic Garage Rock recorded under the stairs! "

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The Pavilion, Cork, 31.05.12
by Stephen Purcell on Jun 1, 2012

Although the students of Cork have wrapped up for the year, there must be something in the air that has them out in droves tonight. A tough year spent warbling over lecture notes? The fear of what lies in store with the Treaty? A night where you can forget your worries for two hours and let the soundscapes of fellow countrymen suspend you in a vortex of absolute bliss. Whatever the reason, they sure do a fine job of setting the scene for what I can only describe as an experience.

Supporting The Altered Hours tonight are Dubin-based purveyors of momentum Northern Drones. You’ll have to excuse my lack of seeking but I’m unfamiliar with the name and tonight really is my first introducion to the band. Three albums in two years isn’t an easy feat for any band not to mind an independent Irish band in this ecomomy. Arguments aside, I was hooked after the first 60 seconds. Kicking out with the loudest waltz I’ve ever heard, the noise-filled drone insantly suffocates any conversation about “band name generator” apps that happens to be going on. The vocals are completely and utterly buried and although the crowd are aware, the band too, it couldn’t work any better.

The Drones’ frontman delivers a raw punk drawl that at times sounds like Mark E Smith, but then again maybe that’s what we think we’re hearing. ‘Mornin Lite’ from the band’s self titled 2010 album follows, combing a gorgeous Route 66 twang with some serious guitar hammering to follow. There are element of kraut in place with its successor, the Jaki Liebezeit style groove changing the pace of the swaying bodies. Finishing with another track from the same album, ‘Nothern Drone’ must be their signature song. Combining elements of Ride and early Dandy Warhols, it has the band grooving back and forth with the audience in a worryless world. By the time I’m rubbing the inside of my ear wondering how many more db’s I’ve lost, the band have thrown the guitars on the floor and knocked over the mic stand, and that’s it. Four songs, delivered with more affection than a packet of Love Hearts. Raw, real and ready!!