The Finns

County Dublin

"The Finns are two brothers, CiarĂ¡n and Hugh, who have been entertaining crowds worldwide for years with this duo and as well as being members of "Na Fianna". As a duet, with their chosen instruments mainly of guitar, percussion, banjo, tenor guitar and harmonica, however, they are finally being raved about by the best in the business and are certainly ones to watch from 2017. They demonstrate an amazing musical understanding between them as they play energetic indie/alternative folk roots music to certainly get the heart going with entertaining riffs, powerful lyrics, extremely catchy songs, and pulsating rhythms. They captivate an audience very quickly with their intense love of performing their own music....this is where it's at! These guys are new and exciting....go see them live and I wholeheartedly promise, you will be a fan." - World Music Ireland.

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