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The Daisy Chain

Psychedelic // Belfast, Down

The Daisy Chain is a Belfast-based musical endeavour which in the studio, consists entirely of clones of Rhys Mayes. These entities work in tandem to create a jumbled mishmash of flowery Psychedelic Pop and Colourful Cosmic-Country, characterized by 60s inspired instrumentation, and low-fidelity, carefree production ideals: The Daisy Chain does not set out to create a polished production, but rather a jarring and heartfelt forgery of Rhys Mayes’ favourite music, such as; The Lovin’ Spoonful, The Beach Boys, and Ros Sereysothea.

Rhys is joined on-stage by The Daisy Chain Live Performance Group; Five other long-haired wonders who bring a certain immersive and noisy twist to Rhys' music. With a wide-reaching sonic palette, they frequently augment their sound with on-stage antics, including guest performers, colourful dress, and cooking on stage for the audience. When The Daisy Chain say they're something a little bit different, they really mean it!

"If yer lookin' a psych-leaning band who dredge up pop songs through a wall of sound, put this band at the top of your list" - Andrew Pierce, Derailed Magazine

"Fun and ultra-goofy" - Nick Pipitone, Third Eye Psych Rock

"The sound is a little bit country, a little bit alt-pop, and a whole lotta love for a glorious, harmonious onslaught of finely crafted songs." - Paul Fitzgerald, The Goo