Swimmers Jackson

London via Dublin, County Dublin

Swimmers Jackson is a new indie-pop solo venture in London.

Dublin native Niall .Jackson – has released his first solo single ‘Summer’s Here’ from an as yet untitled E.P. produced by Darragh Nolan ( Ailbhe Reddy, Conor Walsh, Winter Aid)) at his Asta Kalapa Studios, Co. Wexford in March 2017.

The single is an ode to the welcome stretch in Dublin's summer evenings gone by, spent largely at the Portobello section of the Canal in South Dublin. Hours totaling days have been whittled away there, whether waiting for a gig in The Lower Deck (now Bello Bar) to start, or until you had enough money to go sit in the warmth of O’Connells pub, long after the sun goes down.

Formerly a 3 piece, Jackson released 2 EPs under the name ‘Swimmers’, (Swimmer’s Year 2013, This Burning Circus 2015). Jackson moved to London in late 2015 and with no bandmates was left reconfiguring Swimmer’s songs into acoustic versions. After a year of songwriting in 2016, he leapt back onto the gig circuit in 2017 with the help of a couple of friends in London’s alternative-folk circles (notably Knoxville Morning and Rob Corcoran) and hasn’t looked back since. This new found confidence led to the recording of nine new songs in March of this year, many of which will feature on an E.P later in 2017.

Swimmers Jackson is Niall Jackson - Vocals/ Guitars,

All songs written and composed by Niall Jackson who also plays bass for Dublin Indie quartet Bouts.

Subscribe at http://swimmersjackson.bandcamp.com/

What they say:

"Very lovely new wares from @NiallCJackson on @todayfm now providing an ironic but gorgeous soundtrack to the rain here!" - Ed Smith - Today FM 04/06/2017

"A laid back, lazy afternoon tune, ‘Summer’s Here’ reminds us a little of Kurt Vile mixed in with Kings of Convenience. Swimmers Jackson showcases some great guitar skills towards the end but the vocals are the highpoint of this song, layering together in a blissful and hazy way. Who doesn’t enjoy those long and bright summer days?” - BBC Across the Line. 16/06/2017

"Swimmers’ sunkissed indie-pop brought me straight back to the 1990s, with Laguna a particularly great track(...) - Aoife Barry - The Irish Times. January 25th-2013

Sitting somewhere between surf-pop and indie-rock, the ep’s a laid-back, addictive listen. Propelled by a clever, and very tight, rhythm section, the whole affair is filled with jagged, reverb-drenched guitar lines and frequently arresting vocal melodies-
http://headphonejacks.net/2013/01/15/review-swimmers-swimmers-year-ep/ 2014

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