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Stone Sea

Alternative // Dublin, Dublin

Stone Sea is a groovy alternative rock band that blends elements of stoner and world music into their sound.
Formed in Brazil in 2014 by vocalist and guitarist Elvis Suhadolnik Bonesso, the band recorded their debut album ‘Origins’. Shortly after, Elvis moved to Ireland, where Stone Sea became a 3-piece and recorded their EP’s ‘Vaporizer’ and ‘Mankind Maze’.

The band then underwent a lineup change with the addition of drummer Connor Middleton; and bassist Jonathan Parminter.

This incarnation of the 3 piece offers a unique love experience, seamlessly blending carefully constructed melodies with powerful overdriven riffs. While also inviting elements of Bossa Nova, Reggae, jazz, and more into their performance.

The bands name is comprised of two words that oppose each other completely. ‘Stone’ symbolizes inner strength and steadfast elements in our lives, and ‘Sea’ represents life’s ever-changing and dynamic nature. Our music reflects these ideas.

Highlighting the contrast between strength and submission, stability and fluctuation; Stone and Sea.