Stone Sea

Dublin, County Dublin

Stone Sea is a power trio of Alternative Rock that was originated in São Paulo – Brazil but it has created life and form in Dublin – Ireland.

After the release of one EP (I - 2014) and one Album (Origins - 2015) where most of the songs were raw and dense, everything changed with the interchange of the lead singer Elvis to Ireland, in where he found endless creativity together with and out the cultural exchange with Ross McDermott and Jeremy Burke.

Starting from the beginning of 2017, Stone Sea has just released a new EP called Vaporizer (2017) which brings a different and more mature type of music, that emerges combining different styles and textures to what have been made.

The discography could be freely listened on Soundcloud, bandcamp
& Spotify.

Line Up:
Elvis Suhadolnik Bonesso - Vocals/Guitar
Jeremy Burke - Bass/Vocals
Ross McDermott - Drums


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