Sonny Casey

Galway City, County Galway

Sonny Casey is a singer-songwriter, born in West Yorkshire and from the age of nine- raised in the wild, rainy West of Ireland. 

Always an avid lover of books and words;  Sonny began writing stories and poems as a young child and in her teenage years found herself   
blending her love for words with her love for singing. 

​She first found her feet and her voice, on the vibrant streets of Galway City at the age of seventeen, when she began journeying in from Connemara to busk on bustling Shop Street. 

Since then, Sonny has busked her way around Ireland, from Dingle to Derry and has performed in venues such as The Roisín Dubh, Galway and the Workman's Club, Dublin.

Armed with only a guitar and a voice,  she has shared her songs on the streets of Edinburgh, France, Germany and England. 

In July 2018 she toured Germany with fellow busker Katie O' Connor, performing in the quaint flowery cafes of Bavaria and in Berlin's smoke-filled bars. 

Sonny's style takes musical influences from many sources; Mike Rosenberg, Damien Rice, and Bruce Springsteen, to name a few, and blends it with her unique style of poetry to create tale-telling songs that could warm the coldest of hearts.

Her second original street album  'Pocketful Of Words' can be found waiting for you in her guitar case, as she continues to busk her way around Europe! 

Praise for Sonny Casey:

"Sonny is a star!" The Craic in Galway magazine

" Sonny Casey - just wow!!! Gave me the shivers I have never heard such a beautiful voice!" Angela Farragher Imagery

"A girl resembling Janis Joplin sang in the shadows of a store across the street. Her voice reverberated off the shop walls and called to every passerby to stop what they were doing that very second. Everyone needed to hear this girl, and it was apparent by the crowd forming, standing in awe with their mouths agape."

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