Small Cars

Galway, County Dublin

Small Cars are a four piece that started chippin away at the rock about 4 years ago. From the start everyone knew there was something there but it needed seasoning......... but because of long roads and work loads they couldn't fully commit as a band on a regular basis, so really they have only been together for 4 weeks, (that's 672 hours people !!!). Yet in that time they have managed to pen in excess of forty songs!!

With priorities straight and focus on the music Summer of 09 and beyond promises to be busy, gigs, gigs and a few more gigs. If the mood takes them and they get a minute they'll record some tunes and send them out into the deserving world. They're music is post celtic tiger/ pre martian landing auditory communication in a structured and continuous manner, whether its good is you're opinion MAN!!. Farrell mostly modern urban lyrics speak of a place and time not so far away but he can make the ladies cry when he wants to (and sometimes when he doesnt mean to) It might annoy you how the songs get into your head and stay with you but you'll be glad of it and you'll be a better person for it!

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