Robert John Ardiff

Summerhill, County Meath

Robert John Ardiff is best known for his work as part of the band Come On Live Long. During a quiet period for the band, he decided to write and record his own solo material. His debut EP “The Fall” was lauded by The Last Mixed Tape as "a record full to the brim with harmonically wrapped textures and soft intimacy” and gained Ardiff widespread solo notoriety. An expressive singer/songwriter with a “melodic and warm signature croon,” (GoldenPlec) Ardiff, in his solo offerings, has broken ties with his rockier roots, delving into more delicately textured soundscapes.

Described by The Sunday Times as "An album of wistful wee hours gems" his debut album 'Between the Bed and Room' "tends towards minimal folk with Ardiff's soft, mesmeric croon evoking Father John Misty"
The songs which "etch themselves on you with great ease," (Remy) were recorded during a series of sessions in his “boxroom” in two hour/night stints.

Ardiff wanted to create something that sounded real, tangible and something that sounded like it was played by a person in their bedroom and not a machine. The songs deal with themes of growing up in a small Irish village, love, betrayal and understanding. They were lovingly mixed by his Come On Live Long band mate; Ken McCabe.

Robert is a commanding performer, gracing the stages of Ireland’s most beloved small venues, and is preparing for a full-scale tour of his new album.

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