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Pigeon Millers

Alternative // Dublin

Irish duo Pigeon Millers recorded their debut album ‘The Onlooker’s Redemption’ during lockdown 2020. It’s about a person who’s become a darker version of themselves & their journey to get back to being someone they recognize. It’s a journey they keep hidden from others.

“We’re quite low key ourselves so could relate to someone going through turmoil without expressing it. We’re quite drawn to the background characters”

Pigeon Millers’ Doug Sheridan & Paddy Lyons first shared a stage in 2010. They weren't in the same band that night, but they went on to play drums & guitar together in The Matinee Idles. Some years of sporadic recording & performances followed for the band members, both together & in other groups.

“We’re the sum of our parts, bringing past influences & interactions with us. The band we are today reflects those”.

“Our goal is to improve at our craft and chase down those magical accidents that can happen in music. Of course we want as many people to connect with the music as possible, as long as that comes about in the right way. In our society we’ve conditioned ourselves to monetise enjoyment or anything we’re good at. If we miss out on some streams/likes/followers because we were too busy playing our guitars, then that’s ok with us. Success is something but creating is everything”

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