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Pete Mac

Alternative // Cork, Cork

Pete Mac is the lead singer, guitarist and songwriter of Cork based Alternative Rock/Grunge outfit Paradox. Not your typical Singer/Songwriter Pete Mac has branched out from his band Paradox and taken his Alternative melodies and musical frustrations to his solo endeavors. Paradox have been a band since 1997, formed in Cork, Ireland by brothers Pete and Mike Mac. With four albums officially recorded and released ('Chapters' in 2015, 'Corporate Pollution' in 2010, 'Sacred' in 2004 and 'Circle of Growth' in 2000 on US indie label), as well as a solo album in 2009 titled 'In Limbo' and 'Hiber Nation' in 2023, a few trips to the USA, shows, studios, more shows in Europe and a few solo performances in between Paradox have been kept busy. The band shot a music video for 'Mr. Bureaucracy' in 2012 which was nominated for best song at the Berlin Music Video Awards, Dublin International short film and music awards the Portobello Film Festival London in 2013.
In 2012 the 'Corporate Pollution' track 'Repress Excess' was used on the soundtrack for Canadian horror movie 'Truth' which screened at the Cannes Film Festival and won the Canada International Film Festival's Royal Reel Award.
Paradox have toured both Europe and the US as well as playing support to the likes of Therapy?, Kerbdog and Shonen Knife in 2013.
Pete Mac continues to play both solo as well as with his band Paradox.
2017 saw the release of the new single 'All Life Matters'. Pete Mac plays all instruments on the track with Brian Casey adding keys and piano. A music video accompanies this track taking a sarcastic slightly twisted view on social media and today's society. The video won ‘Best Music Video’ at the Disappear Here Film Festival in Donegal and was also nominated at the Kerry Film Festival and the Indie Cork Film Festival 2018.
2020 saw Pete returning to his solo endeavors with the digital release of various cover versions and the release of his first original single titled 'Disappear' in over 10 years. A follow up single titled 'Escape' was released in 2021. Featuring the guest vocals of iconic musician/ artist Lisa Papineau.
The track was written during the Covid lockdown period with Pete experimenting with different sounds. The track's theme is about escaping into a world within a world.
After 3 years of writing and recording Pete Mac returned with his second full length solo album titled 'Hiber Nation' in 2023. 'Hiber Nation' follows a different direction to most of Pete's previous music from his band Paradox to his last solo album. Many songs have a personal meaning and take a critical view on much of today's society from animal rights issues on 'Voiceless' to the state of the natural world on 'Mother Nature's Revenge'. It's been nearly 14 years since his last original solo album 'In Limbo' was released back in 2009. With the Paradox discography included this will be Pete Mac's 6th album release to date.