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Singer-songwriter // Dublin 15, Dublin

Murielle is an up and coming singer-songwriter from Dublin, who effortlessly blends pop and R&B into a mesmerizing sound. Making her debut in 2019 with the release of her first single “Dip”.

With soulful vocals and infectious melodies, she creates music that leaves a lasting impact. From writing her own songs to producing catchy beats she will bring an undeniable presence and energy to every performance.

She has since released five singles written by her, alongside beats she created herself.

In 2022, after a three year pause, Murielle returned with her electrifying, bold statement single titled “Strong”. She followed this with a deeper, meaningful single “Dream”. Dream is a song that shows her more vulnerable side. It entails her burning desire for music.

2023 has shown Murielle’s upbeat and fun side with her catchy pop single “Fantasy”. Again showing her versatility she released “Little”. A melancholic, reflective song that is more personal. It’s a song about healing and growing, even without having all the answers.

Her latest single “One Life” a song of discovery, highlights the realities of life’s hardships and a desire to be happy as we only get one chance to experience our own version a beautiful life.

2024 is about more artistic development for Murielle, she plans on releasing more music and delivering performances of her art.

The future is bright for Murielle, as she has only just begun.