County Dublin

Lōwli is Roisin Lowry, a musician and songwriter from Galway, Ireland.
She creates a unique sound of ethereal vocal melodies, poetic lyrics & rich, orchestral textures.

Only two years into her solo project, Lōwli already has several notable shows under her belt, including performances at Sounds from a Safe Harbour and Whelan’s Ones to Watch. She has been listed as one to watch in 2018 by State.ie and Whelan’s and her music has received praise from various sources including The Irish Times.

Following her debut release in 2016, Lōwli recently released her debut EP, ‘Feathers’ in Feb 2019. It has since received airplay on national and regional radio across the country, including RTE Radio 1 & RTE 2fm.


- "Orchestral, elegant noir-pop...a performer with a keen sense for the dramatic twists and turns" - Jim Carroll, The Irish Times

- “Neat spookiness with beautifully arranged melodies” - Tony Clayton-Lea, The Irish Times

- "takes the listener on a dark and dramatic musical journey" - State.ie

- "music for people who feel moved on a deeper level" - Remy

- "blending orchestral instruments with haunting, angelic vocals" - Hot Press

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