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Lorcan Falls

Indie // Ashbourne, Meath

Do you like well-written songs? Songs with melodies so infectious, there should be a vaccine for them? Songs packed with more hooks than Katie Taylor on a fishing trip? Songs with lyrics so clever they could have a degree in cleverness from Cleverly University? Then you should check out the music of Lorcan Falls and his band; his catchy, witty compositions might just become some of your new favourite tunes.

Lorcan has been performing live and recording for over fifteen years with various acts and in numerous styles, in places as diverse as New York, Ireland, Australia, the UK, and continental Europe. After completing years of travel and self-discovery, he has returned to Ireland and the world of music with a talented new band to perform his personal brand of carefully crafted, genre-blending energy.

His new single, I Love Mary-Jane (But Mary-Jane Don’t Love Me) is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, and other streaming services now!

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