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Lasertom is born and bred Dubliner Simon Cullen. As a teenager music made its way into his bone marrow while casually playing guitar in a funk and disco improv band. It wasn't until 2005 when becoming one half of electro duo in Le Bien that Cullen made his first forays into the realms of electronic music. The band incorporated live guitar, vocoders, and drum machines into their sound but when they finally pulled the plugs on the project it was a then burgeoning love of down tempo disco that ushered in a new chapter in Cullen's career; recording.

Through the sounds of Sylvester, Dennis Parker, and a slew of slow funk disco heroes a predilection for bass guitar licks grew alongside an incorrigible appetite for cosmic synth landscaping. Within a couple of months Cullen recorded his first tracks which went on to form the basis for an E.P. called Two Sides; released in 2011 through the London based disco label Bearfunk. Shortly after he put together a small troupe of friends dubbed The Blast Crew to perform the music live. In the beginning of 2012 having gained much from the band experience Cullen went back to the studio to begin work on his first long player.

The first single Call since the Twosides EP was released on June 10th 2013 through Nang Records. The debut album Drift will follow on Nang later in the year.

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