Kairen Caine

Kilkenny, County Kilkenny

Kairen Caine is a folk/Americana artist based in the rural County Kilkenny. Born in England, she emigrated to Australia as a teenager and became an Australian citizen. A short trip to Ireland in 2000 led to exploring early musical musings, learning to pour the perfect Guinness and working in the animation industry, and eventually putting down roots.

Her debut Album The Place, to be released in Spring 2021, was recorded over the summer of 2020 partly in-studio and with musicians recording remotely. Recording her debut album much later than she thought she would, after developing through earlier projects in indie-rock and indie-folk, it came almost like a revelation a few years ago when her writing began to inhabit the world of Americana and she finally felt absolutely at home in her music.

Turning Tide is the first single from the album, featuring pedal steel player Sarah Jory with Hammond player John McCullough, bassist Gerry Kavanagh and drummer Rod Quinn.

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