Johnny Marvel

Portstewart , County Derry

Johnny Marvel is a three piece, Pop rock/Alt rock band from the North Coast; Made up of Jack Stewart (Bass/Vox), Leo Clancy (Guitar/The occasional shout) and Henry Schwittay (Drums/rapping). The trio started gigging in summer 2012, ripping up bars and venues like a kestrel on Es.

Johnny Marvel are an incredibly versatile band, one minute they're shooting out an auditory onslaught of violent, distorted instruments and harsh, jagged vocals, the next they're sliding through sombre melodic passages, dripping with beauty.

Live, Johnny are ferociously tight and intricate, getting across as much of their versatility as possible, and framing it with psychedelic live jams. Cover songs are plenty to be found, old classics (My Generation by The Who) and contemporary gems (Propane Nightmares by Pendulum) mutated into vicious, original covers.

Johnny Marvel are something vicious and new, with the solid heart of the North Coast hardcore scene, but the guise teenage sensibility.

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