Joel Harkin

Belfast, County Antrim

Joel Harkin is an independent musician based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He has honed his unique brand of alternative ambient folk music by performing as much as possible over the past number of years. His latest release, "Old Churches", was 3rd in AER Music's song of the year and also made it into The Thin Air's Top 100 Irish Songs of 2018. A graduate of the Queen’s University Music Technology and Sonic Arts programme, Harkin has supported acts such as SOAK, Courtney Marie Andrews, Rainy Boy Sleep, Crywank, Bry, Robyn G. Shiels, The Wood Burning Savages and Mojo Fury. Harkin has cultivated an intimate performance style that weaves haunting melodies with evocative, honest storytelling. This has allowed for the cultivation of a dedicated fan base. After a busy 2018, consisting of two tours and an EP being released, Harkin is now recording his debut album.

“If you’ve witnessed Harkin perform, you’ll have experienced the deep wells of melancholy within his often dark music. ... Harkin explores love, relationships and absence, moving from the quietness of Harkin’s fragile vocals and guitar to heavy hitting peaks and emotive harmonies.” - Aaron Cunningham – Chordblossom

“The pure fragility in Joel’s voice and his emotive lyrics, you’re just hooked the whole way through... if you haven’t seen it I’m not entirely sure how you’ve missed it.” - Aine Cronin McCartney - Jounalist

“The song is about your loved ones going to other parts of the world, it’s about the emotional wrench of being displaced... and I think it’s a great tune.” - Stuart Bailey – Across The Line – BBC Radio Ulster

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