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Jamie Sloan

Pop // Portstewart, Derry

Jamie Sloan is a phenomenal Irish singer-songwriter, crafting original music that’s atmospheric, catchy, and from the heart. Eschewing one genre, Jamie’s music draws influence from soul, hiphop, and blues, fused together with a pop feel. Somehow both soft and gravelly at the same time, Jamie’s vocals perfectly convey his lyrics – which are full of emotion, telling stories of “the trials and tribulations we face as humans”.
Growing up in Northern Ireland, Jamie had a passion for music but never a desire to make his own. Music was something that he just “kind of fell into” when he picked up guitar at age 16, teaching himself from YouTube and old chord books. After joining a local community music project, Jamie was told that he could sing and found himself in a makeshift band for a live performance, after which he says it “became clear what I wanted to do with my life”. He subsequently began writing his own songs, drawing inspiration from the likes of Otis Redding, John Mayer, and Ben Howard.
After falling into and out of bands, Jamie began his solo career by playing “every gig I could and to anyone who would listen”. His persistence and grit has driven him to where he is today: after releasing his second EP ‘KT’ in 2014, Jamie’s music has been played all over the world, he’s achieved nearly 5 million streams, and been signed to a record label (with which he recently parted ways). Having said that, Jamie makes music fundamentally to connect with people; he writes songs “in hope that one of them will touch someone’s life” – and people from around the world have responded, reaching out to him to say that his music has helped them in some way. For Jamie, “nothing tops that”.
Leading by example, Jamie is living proof that it’s possible to “overcome any odds and live your dreams as long as you have the courage to never give in”. Chasing his own dreams, Jamie’s about to release his new EP ‘No Fairytail Stories’ in September 2018 – check it out, it’s well worth a listen.