Jack Rua

Dublin, County Dublin

Jack Rua is a pop artist from Dublin, Ireland.

Stitched together from elements of glam; dance; folk and theatre, Jack has developed a brand of music that can dance across the entire pop spectrum, at once both emotionally confessional as well as mysterious and enigmatic. Heavily influenced by the glamorously gaudy stylings of David Bowie, Lady Gaga, Madonna and Prince, Jack is carving a space for himself in the music industry, one where authenticity and depth can go hand in hand with artificiality and excess. His music, coupled with his visual work with fellow Dublin artist PureGrand, proves that Jack Rua is an artist with a unique sound and vision.

2019 saw Jack launch his music to great success. His first two singles, ‘Scarlet A’ and ‘Ego (with LOGUOS)’ have collectively amassed over 50,000 streams on Spotify, with the latter being selected for placement on Spotify’s “Out Now” editorial for queer artists.

Radio have also been incredibly supportive, with both songs receiving frequent airplay both at home and internationally. ‘Scarlet A’ lead Jack to be named Spin 1038’s “One To Watch”, and ‘Ego’ was played on RTE 2FM, Spin 1038, KCLR and BBC Ulster to name a few. Following the success of ‘Ego’, Jack and LOGUOS were invited by Tara Stewart to perform a live session in RTE 2FM’s iconic Studio 8.

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