Ghetto Amaretto

Cork, County Cork

Ghetto Amaretto has together since 2007. A lot has been accomplished in that time: 2 self-released c.d.s, a single, a video, mentions in the national press, FESTIVALS, numerous unforgettable gigs and moments with the people who have been with us in the beginning, and have joined in along the way.

But we've also changed in those 4 years.

As 2010 reached a close, our evolution had reached a critical point - we were no longer bound to the same instrumentation this project began with. 4 became 3. Live drums became programmed beats. Our potential was relocated, but we were still playing songs written under different sonic-circumstance. The urge was there to do something new, but so was the illusion that we owed something to the past. We were also tired of tiring the people who support us, by delivering the same set-contents you had become familiar - too familiar - with.

So we stopped.

We stopped for 5 months. For 5 months we found ourselves in Ghetto's absence. We were forced to meditate about what Ghetto was anymore. We spent time reacquainting ourselves with ourselves, as well as each other. We took a breath, and dived into new ways of writing. We rediscovered parts of Ghetto which had become lost under layers and layers of hype received too early, and the false-security that came with it. Humbled, we seem to know the geography of Ghetto better than ever before. But there was still something missing; the live element.

The skeleton of this band has always been an aim to present a live show that blends the best parts of heavy/gritty and dance/electronic music. Our enthusiasm gave that skeleton organs - the parts that make the machine 'tick'. Its your continued interest that gives its skin, and makes it whole.

Come along to Cyprus Avenue on the 30th, and be part of the rejuvenated body of Ghetto.

Ghetto Amaretto is

Conor (Scew) Dalton on Guitar/programming;

Tom Birney on Bass/synths;

Chris Falconer on Vocals;

For more info on the band, find us on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and here at Breaking Tunes;

contact us at;

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