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Fiona Maria

Indie // Dublin

Fiona Maria is an Irish Piano Vocalist based in Wicklow. Born on midsummers day, she trained classically in piano and voice and now blends technical knowledge with creativity to produce a very distinctive sound. She released her debut single “Never Pray” on April 30th 2015 and since then released her track "Raw" which was well received on Irish and UK radio. Her latest release "Sold" is a fusion of indie electronic music, and is a broadening of Fiona Maria's sound. Fiona Maria has been songwriting since she was a child, and her sound blends strong piano melodies, with her distinctive vocal, and rhythmic changes creating a unique indie sound that has both depth and soul! Fiona Maria has an astonishingly "etherial" quality to her voice ( Darren Clarke, RTE"XM) , ..and her music is distinctly piano led..

Her music has been played on Irish radio ( RTE2XM, i-radio, Dublin City FM, KCLRFM etc) and in the UK (BBC Radio), and her videos on Irish TV (TV3) and has been described as "stunning" (Louise Clark, i-radio), and "brilliant track" Darren Clarke (In Colour, RTE2XM).