Echo Harte

Galway City, County Galway

A variant blend of experimental rock and blues. Galway based musician Echo Harte's alternative style ranges from a simplistic finger-picking acoustic, folk style in an alternate tuning to a hard hitting punk-grunge with distorted bass and snare laced with delay and reverb electric guitar.

With the release of his debut single 'Separate Ways' (December 2016), Harte has been pursuing a solo music career since by recording his debut solo album, performing regularly in popular venues such as Roisin Dubh, The Cellar, Aras na nGael The Loft and The Blue Note and opening for well known acts such as Beau Williams, Brian Deady & Mickey Joe Harte.

Echo Harte's variant style and contrasting genres are evident in his last 4 studio singles. His music goes from acoustic alternative folk-blues with an alternative tuning and guitar picking in 'Separate Ways' (2016) to a hard hitting grunge/punk style remeniscent Queens Of Stone Age with 'KAOS' in 2018. Harte's musical experimentation developed even further with his releases of 'Scars Of Rag Week' & 'Exile' in 2019. 'Scars Of Rag Week' attacks the issue of binge drinking and toxic behavior during 'rag week'. The song is produced around a drum machine loop, an alternative pop chord progression, distorted/sonic guitar riffs and a string quartet in the middle 8 of the song. The song featured female vocalist 'Jade Amber' and lyrics that hold back no punches such as "we're a fucked up generation" & the songs striking opener "The city is flooded with sluts and drunks". The aggression of Echo Harte's constant evolution of his music is toned down with his most recent release 'Exile'. This mellow acoustic/blues inspired number highlights a soft side in Harte's vocal abilities, guitar playing and percussion.

Echo Harte has wrapped up production for his debut album and is expected to be released on physical format later this year.

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