Dystopian Future Movies

From Sligo, based in Nottingham, UK, County Sligo

Dystopian Future Movies is a new post-rock/experimental band based in Nottingham, UK.

Taking a Sonic Youth approach but arriving at some dark place between Neurosis and Chelsea Wolfe, DFM have crafted a unique combination of discordant layers, atmospheric swells and colossal heaviness.

The hypnotic vocal melodies and unschooled guitar riffs of Sligo born Caroline Cawley expand into massive doomscapes through collaboration with seasoned metal/prog drummer Bill Fisher and the elusive bassist and photographer Emily Azadpour.

Their first EP, self released in January 2015, was well received and a limited run of 50 CDs sold out in the first two days.

“...quite frankly better than any new band has any right to be.” Terrorizer, March 2015 (8.5/10)

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