County Dublin

Dublin-four-piece Delorentos write emotionally urgent songs for your heart, head and feet. Winners of Irish Album of the Year with their previous album, "Little Sparks", they have recently released in Spain, Mexico, Germany & the UK with supporting tours to come. Signed to Universal Worldwide, the band are building up a busy 2017, with an exciting new album and set. x

"Night Becomes Light"
"Musicians by vocation and occupation, Delorentos best asset is the intuition with which they work with one another. Those idiosyncrasies make this band what it is, firmly rooted in the unspoken ties that bind; collaboration, passion, and the art of pushing things forward.

As life has provided both knocks and bolsters, Delorentos have emerged again to articulate their experience. A band living in a city. Brothers developing together. Musicians learning from each other. Friends collaborating and reading between those beautiful lines they draw to distill the detail into eleven songs, eleven songs they believe are the best they’ve ever put on record. It’s no coincidence that Night Becomes Light is the album they are most proud of. Success and ability come dropping slow, and Delorentos bottle it up with increasing sophistication, safe in the knowledge that the long game, the slow burner, the incremental improvement, is how the greatest work is crafted. They have two goals: to be as good a band as they possibly can be, and to write the best songs they possibly can. That doesn’t happen overnight. The euphoria, emotion, and layered detail of Night Becomes Light is not just a moment captured, but the accumulation of all that has gone before.

Night Becomes Light is Delorentos articulating how they are a product of their environment, how they have developed as people, and as a band. This is where they’re from and who they are. "

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