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Alternative // Dublin, Dublin

Dublin-four-piece Delorentos write emotionally urgent songs for your heart, head and feet. They will release their fifth studio album in Spring 2018.

The band have released four studio albums to date - all Top 10 charting albums in Ireland with their third album, "Little Sparks" winning the Choice Music Prize Irish Album of the Year. Their records have been released in Ireland, Spain, Mexico, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg & the UK and they have toured right around Europe as well as playing live in the US, Canada, Mexico and Russia.

They are renowned for the passion and energy of their live shows and their communication with audiences wherever they play!

"Musicians by vocation and occupation, Delorentos best asset is the intuition with which they work with one another. Those idiosyncrasies make this band what it is, firmly rooted in the unspoken ties that bind; collaboration, passion, and the art of pushing things forward."

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