Hip Hop
Bantry, County Cork

Post boom small town Ireland may not appear the most creatively inspiring place at face value, but for Irish hip hop artist Darce it provided a fruitful if unlikely origin for a new musical perspective on love, life and other bad habits.

In 2017 Darce released his debut EP 'Sunset' and it has been featured on blogs across the world including Ambrosia For Heads,District and The Irish Times via Nialler9. He has been played on esteemed radio stations such as 2fm,98fm, Cool Hype Radio (Chicago) and Fubar (London).

Darce returned with his single 'Valhalla' which was listed as ‘one of Nialler9’s Irish tracks you should hear this week (15/11/2017) and got it’s UK radio debut on Fubar Radio (16/11/2017) along with it’s first Irish play on 98fm’s Totally Irish (19/11/2017)

District: http://districtmagazine.ie/darce-explores-his-american-irish-heritage-on-new-the-sunset-ep/

Irish Times (Nialler9):https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/music/nialler9-s-new-irish-music-talos-max-cooper-and-callum-stewart-1.2986434

98fm Playlists : http://www.98fm.com/Totally-Irish-playlist-Feb-19th-2017

Nialler9: http://nialler9.com/8-new-irish-songs-you-should-hear-this-week/

Happy Magazine (Australia): http://hhhhappy.com/darce-sunset-ep/

Hip-Hop Headquaters (U.S): http://triplehq.com/darce-valhalla-ft-eve-clague-darceyout/

Hip-Hop Zilla: http://hiphopzilla.com/view/post:3100952/Darce-Valhalla-ft-Eve-Clague-DarceYOUT-

Indie Buddie: http://www.indiebuddie.com/tag/darce/

Radio na Life Interview(Irish) https://soundcloud.com/rnl/fios-feasa-agallamh-leis-an-gceoltoir-darce-20-12-2017

Stackd TV: http://stackdtv.com/2017/11/17/artist-spotlight-darce/

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Darce - Snapbacks + Flashbacks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmsXvlc_vP0