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Dan Sheehan / The Seas Are Rising

Rock // Kenmare, Kerry

Dan Sheehan is a rock-influenced songwriter and performer who has toured Ireland, Britain, the US and Spain including opening slots for Kíla, Courtney Love and the Meat Puppets. His current project, The Seas Are Rising, is a concert experience and forthcoming album raising consciousness about the urgency of the climate crisis and following in the footsteps of Sheehan's multi-award winning 2019 release Tales from Earth Incorporated, a concept album about the global implications of corporate and political greed, and which debuted in its "one man show" format at the 2020 Galway Fringe Festival.

Full performances of The Seas Are Rising bring together musicians from the worlds of rock, soul, jazz, classical and world music united onstage to make the audience more aware that climate change is affecting the Earth NOW, and requires immediate global action. Although serving as "musical journalism," the show entertains with resounding music and is a unique concert experience.

With the concept shows The Seas Are Rising and Tales from Earth Incorporated, as well as with his band The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy, Sheehan has recorded or performed with legendary musicians and producers including John Densmore (the Doors), Spencer Cobrin (Morrissey), Dave Krusen (Pearl Jam, Candlebox), Patrick Moraz (Yes, the Moody Blues) and Bob Both (James Brown).

Sheehan has performed in Ireland at the Le Chéile Music & Arts festival in Oldcastle (Co. Meath), the Galway Fringe songwriter's showcase, and numerous pubs and house parties in Kerry. In the UK he has played the Manchester Americana festival, the Edinburgh Fringe songwriter's circle, the Shuttle Shuffle Fest and many venues throughout England. He has performed extensively in the USA including at the Texas Rockfest, Jazz@Lincoln Center, CBGB and many more.