Crown The King

Dublin, County Dublin

While their music has been compared to American pop punk heavyweights like Blink 182 and All Time Low, when it comes to their vocal sound Crown The King are unapologetically Irish. With their debut single “Gone Too Fast” (which surpassed 10,000 streams in its first month), the 5-piece have captured the attention of pop punk fans in Ireland as ones to watch in a genre which is currently underserved locally.

Crown The King came into existence when professional wrestling ring announcer Daniel “Butch” Gannon and guitarist Sean Hodson discovered a shared love of Pop Punk and began work on writing material. Sean soon drafted in his long time collaborator, guitarist Alan Shiels. From there, the band’s lineup was completed in 2019 by bassist Eanna Brown and drummer Jamie Doran.

After spending time refining their sound, the group entered the studio in January of 2020 to begin recording with producer Stephen Youster, however plans had to be put on hold with the covid-19 pandemic putting a halt to recording sessions and performances that the band had scheduled.

The band has been described as having an energetic and polished sound and RTE 2XM proclaimed the band as sounding “label ready, like something that Hopeless Records or Pure Noise would put out”. Their latest release “Honey”, which the band recorded upon the lifting of local lockdown restrictions, doubles down on this, delivering a combination of polished production, gritty guitars with the unique vocal sound that helps the group stand apart from their peers. It is available on all major streaming platforms.

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