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Biki & His Buddies

Alternative // Limerick, Limerick // They

Biki & His Buddies is a folk/alternative rock project led by Sarbik Guha aka Biki. Biki & His Buddies have been working on several other songs for future releases, including an upcoming EP and an album. The project has a diverse repertoire of over 20 original songs that are performed live. Biki writes songs to express feelings authentically, tell stories and spread love, empathy and solidarity.

Sarbik Guha, better known as 'Biki,' is an Indian singer-songwriter who now resides in Limerick, Ireland. Biki formed his collective, Biki & His Buddies, in 2020 after working as a vocalist in several bands in India's independent music scene. Biki moved to Ireland in September 2021 to pursue the MA Songwriting course at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick, after performing in a variety of venues in India.

Biki enjoys working with other artists, learning from them, and broadening his creative horizons in the process. He collaborates with numerous musicians to arrange, record, and perform his songs. Biki's project is called 'Biki & His Buddies' because his musical journey has never been just about him, but also about all the amazing artists and people he meets. So far, the project has released three songs on various audio streaming platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music.

Biki & His Buddies have been performing at several house concerts, cafes, pubs, and music festivals in India. Since moving to Limerick, Ireland, Biki & His Buddies have performed in venues such as The Record Room and The Stables Club.

The project currently has a new lineup in Ireland, consisting of the following members:
Sarbik Guha (Biki): Vocals, acoustic guitar, lyrics and composition;
Michael Brennan: Electric Guitar;
Rodrigo Dalla Favera.Hoerlle: Drums, bodhrán, percussion;
Seiko Takahashi: Violin