Bannered Mare

Garrafrauns, County Galway

Bannered Mare is the new project of
Race the Flux frontman Joseph Padfield.

Stylistically his first EP Gizzards was a big departure from previous releases. The music was written with the ethos of simplicity and texture with lyrical themes of internal discord. The debut EP was all recorded at his home studio in Mayo and was released on indie label Umbrella Records.

The next ep ‘Fear of Missing out is set for release in the coming months. With the first offering 'Blame Game' out on the 15th July. Changing sound again Bannered Mare look back to they're musical roots that bases itself in mathy riffs and good old fashioned fun.

Bannered Mare play Knockanstockan festival this year on Sat 20th at 2pm on the Dimestore Stage.

"My Anatomy is quite a touching song. But forget the innuendo of that statement and just focus on the quality of the music and lyrics of this fine new single from Bannered Mare."

- David Dwane, Western People

"a sweeping blend of math rock guitars and folk touches."

- Totally Galway Magazine

This is a stellar start for Bannered Mare. The lack of the screeching guitars and extended instrumentals, ever present in Padfield's previous work, acts only to confirm his ability as a serious songsmith. And despite the relatively uncomplicated nature of this piece, it is very apparent that an awful lot of time went into the selection of every note, and of every sound. There is a definite beauty in Gizzards modesty.

Aran Sheehy - Goldenplec

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