Back & To The Left

Dublin, County Dublin

Started some time in 2008.

Was three o' them.

'nother one joined.

Lovely friends.

Lovely men.

'There’s heavy guitar riffs entwined with melody, indie-electronica, XTC-like pop and a fair degree of experimentation within lengthy, spaced out musical suites. All this is dispatched with both the light and shade of several diverse influences, rather than the tireless mining of one genre.' - Rob McNamara, Goldenplec

'It’s impressive how well this band have combined commercially-contrary influences like pop, indie, electronic and even folk offset by a palette of heavier and more challenging rock subgenres. There are places where eras overlap, from the sound of 90-infused greatness to modern refrains that bring to mind some of my favourite bands of the last decade. There’s a scope to their sound that ranges from Pavement to Adebisi Shank and Battles.' - Nay McArdle, Harmless Noise

'Have a listen to Back & To The Left' - Nialler9

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