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Rock // Dublin , Dublin

Arabú, a Dublin-based indie-rock quintet, is composed of Jake Brennan on drums, Séamus Ó Cíosáin on bass, Dillon Kiernan and Kaj Klimski on guitars and vocals and Leah McGrath on violin and vocals. The band name, Arabú, stems from a misheard Irish phrase, playfully suggesting "A mistake so big you have to start from scratch," stemming from the band's shared history of independent ventures that didn't always pan out.

Arabú's sound draws heavily from the Pixies' "Loud Quiet Loud" approach, incorporating abrasive, aharmonic guitar layers reminiscent of Sonic Youth and Radiohead, alongside melodic fiddle lines inspired by Irish traditional music and irresistibly catchy choruses.

Driven by a DIY philosophy, Arabú self-produces all their music, often recording in a shed converted into a studio. Their debut single, "Oscailteacht," blends soft vocal harmonies with thundering, monotonous drums and heavy guitar layering—a nod to the ethereal sounds of My Bloody Valentine."