A Modern Fate

Sandyford, County Dublin

A Modern Fate, AMF, are an Irish Progressive Heavy Rock band from Sandyford, Dublin.

Following the dissolution of their previous band Eclectic - Mark, Eoin and Sean decided to continue together on a new heavier project. Without a rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist, they streamlined their guitar sound, and searched for a singer who could not only bring out the softer melodic elements of the music, but who could deliver heavy rock vocals with stage presence.
The line-up was complete in September 2009 when Carol joined the band, and they wasted no time writing new material. The members have very unique styles and sounds based on their wide variety of influences.

Eoin is a self-taught musician who writes beautiful guitar melodies. He not only has the ear for writing melodic rifs, but he is an extremely talented guitar player who is not afraid of complicated guitar solos. Eoin and Mark often write together, fusing their different sounds.
Mark has been heavily influenced by Prog Rock/Metal, and his willingness to push the band to be more inventive and creative has meant the band have not been afraid to try different genres of music, stamping their own sound into each. His influence has helped the band achieve their unique style – Melodic Prog Rock.
Carol has a unique vocal style and sense of melody, combining a romantic-influenced style of lyric with haunting vocals. She tries to complete the blending of styles, melding beautiful melody with harsh lyrics, and soft singing with heavy guitars.
Sean brings a heavy drum sound to the band, and his style of drumming is heavily influenced by Metal music. A lot of their unique style hinges on heavy percussion sections, and time changes.

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